This is the decidedly unscientific listing of engaging, magnificent, or otherwise important recordings that crossed the RTQE aural transom at varying velocities and amplitudes during 2006. It is inherently personal, unfair, and exclusive.

I've provided links to nearly all of the recordings pictured here. I always suggest supporting local businesses first (In Madison, WI, that means B-side records and the Mad City Music Exchange), but it may be difficult to find some of these.


Nik Bartsch's Ronin Stoa ECM
David Byrne/
Brian Eno
My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts Virgin
Miles Davis The Cellar Door Sessions 1970 Columbia Legacy
Taylor Deupree Northern 12K
Tod Dockstader Aerial #3 Sub Rosa
R. Luke DuBois Timelapse Cantaloupe
Fluorescent Grey Lying On The Floor Mingling With God In A Tijuana Motel Room Next Door To A Veterinary Supply Store Record Label Records
Fovea Hex Bloom / Huge Die Stadt
Joseph Holbrooke Trio The Moat Recordings Tzadik
Matt Rogalsky Memory Like Water XI
Four Gentlemen of the Guitar Cloud Erstwhile
Giacinto Scelsi Natura Renovatur ECM
Ben Thigpen Human For Scale EMF
This Heat Out of Cold Storage This Is
Christopher Willits Surf Boundaries Ghostly International