RTQE is a Sunday evening program of electronic/classical/ethnic/improvised /experimental work hosted by Gregory Taylor which has aired since 1987 on Sunday from 9:00-11:00 PM on WORT-FM 89.9, Madison WI.

Click here to listen to 2 weeks' worth of archived RTQE programs at a time more convenient to you. RTQE is also available as a live streaming webcast in either high bandwidth (96 kbs) or low bandwidth (32 kbs) streams during the broadcast.

Recent releases are indicated with an asterisk (*).

05/01/11 - Listeners of the world, unite!

Fovea Hex* Play Another Here Is Where We Used To Sing Janet
Colin Potter* Cup Of Joy – Remix Three Beams Janet
Kiloton Never Need Language Lost Ultralyd
he said omala Solid Or Vanish Catch Supposes World Domination
Alva Noto/
Ryuichi Sakamoto
Noon Vrioon Raster Noton
Seth Cluett* A Radiance Scored With Shadow Objects Of Memory LINE
Slow Skate* Lockets Count The Days With Me Parlour Trick
Hummingbird* Defining Space (Colour Space) Our Fearful Symetry Remixes Fluid Audio
Nicholas Szczepanik* Amaranthine Ante Algo Azul download
Johann Johannsson Part 3/IBM 1402 Card Read-Punch IBM 1401, A User's Manual Touch
Kronos Quartet/
Kimmo Pohjonen/
Samuli Kosminen*
Uniko (2007) for accordion/voice, electronics, and string quartet: 6. Emo Uniko Ondine

05/08/11 - Tom Hamer Presents:A Feast For The Attentive Ear

Jim Black
Oddfelt Dogs of Great Indifference Winter and Winter
Geoffrey Oryema Land of Anaka Exile Real World
Food Mushroom Veggie ECM
mum The Land Between Solar Systems BBC-One World -
Kronos Quartet
Kimmo Pohjonen
Samuli Kosminen*
Utut Uniko Ondine
Brian Eno* Slow Ice Old Moon
Lesser Heaven
Small Craft On A Milk Sea Opal
Jon Hassell Courtais Last Night the Moon ECM
California Guitar Trio Eve CGT with Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto Inside Out
Bill Frisell Worthy Endeavor Beautiful Dreamers Nonesuch
Scanner with the Post-Modern Jazz Quartet* Blink of an Eye Blink of an Eye Thirsty Ear
Gregory Taylor* Teak Gears unreleased -
Thanos Chrysakis Summer Fog Klage Aural Terrains
Field Rotation* Acoustic Tale 9 Acoustic Tales Fluid Audio
Michael Pisaro
Taku Sugimoto*
b minor 2 seconds/b minor/wave Erstwhile

05/15/11 - the old homestead seen in a rear view mirror

Saul Stokes* Electric Moment With Variant Impact
We Are Signals
Sleek Nucleus information
Stretta* The Sharpest Function
The Future Never Spoke
A Funneled Stone download
John Foxx* Watching A Bulding On Fire
Interplay Metamatic
Jonathan Harvey Mortuos Plango, Vivos Voco Computer Music Currents 5 Wergo
John Luther Adams* ... And Bells Remembered ... Four Thousand Holes - Scott Deal; Stephen Drury: The Calithumpian Consort Cold Blue Music
Lydia Ayers Tala Malika Gong Virtual Gamelan Albany
Gavin Bryars First Viennese Dance ("M.H.") Three Viennese Dancers ECM
Cornelius Cardew The Great Learning - Paragraph 1 The Great Learning Deutsche Grammophone
Thanos Chrysakis* VI Parallaxis Aural Terrains

05/22/11 - four long listens

John Adams* Four Thousand Holes Four Thousand Holes Cold Blue Music
Drunjus Equinox Celestial Realms Sonic Meditations
Brian Eno 77 Million Paintings 77 Million Paintings Ryko
John Tilbury/
Michael Duch/
Rhodri Davies*
Treatise (excerpt) Cornelius Cardew: Works 1960-70 +3dB

05/29/11 - after a triangular journey (with deluge!)

Saul Stokes* Pocket_Universe Sleek Nucleus pre-order information
Mark Fell* Manitutshu (A New Algorithm)... LatelyBass and NewElectro, Attack Pulse Hat Manitutshu Editions Mego
Venetian Snares* The Identification Circles Levitate Cubist Reggae EP Planet Mu
Proem Guns.Knives.Lemons Enough Conflict N5MD
Parallelogram* 001 000/001 7" info
Mountains* Blue Lanterns On East Oxford Air Museum Thrill Jockey
Brian Eno* Imagine New Times Drums Between The Bells Sessions download
Ian Hawgood*
Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Pretender The Truth Hurts Nomadic Kids Republic
Parallelogram* 000 000/001 7" info
Venetian Snares* Ever Apparent All Being Shoulder Cubist Reggae EP Planet Mu
Offthesky* Gemutcycle Subtle Trees Nomadic Kids Republic
Hummingbird* Dancing Shadows Kanshin info
Mark Fell* Materialisation Epic Razor Chord and LatelyBass Version with Found Voice Manitutshu Editions Mego
Saul Stokes* 7. Trace_the_Edge Sleek Nucleus pre-order information
Mountains* Backwards Crossover Air Museum Thrill Jockey
Field Rotation* A Pondering Silence Kanshin info
Jonny Greenwood* Mata Aini Kuru Kara Ne Norwegian Wood Original Soundtrack Nonesuch
Ten And Tracer* You Were Born Enough To Remember The Stork Friendless Now Nomadic Kids Republic
Yann Novak:* 3 Surfaces Excerpt Kanshin info
Ten And Tracer* Casino At The Black Friendless Now Nomadic Kids Republic