RTQE is a Sunday evening program of electronic/classical/ethnic/improvised /experimental work hosted by Gregory Taylor which has aired since 1987 on Sunday from 9:00-11:00 PM on WORT-FM 89.9, Madison WI.

Click here to listen to 2 weeks' worth of archived RTQE programs at a time more convenient to you. RTQE is also available as a live streaming webcast in either high bandwidth (96 kbs) or low bandwidth (32 kbs) streams during the broadcast.

Recent releases are indicated with an asterisk (*).

08/07/11 - RIP Conrad Schnitzler

Fennesz* Liminal
Seven Stars
Seven Stars Touch
Seefeel Faults
Faults EP Warp
Brad Garton guitarprocess4
unreleased download
Tangerine Dream Journey Through a Burning Brain Electronic Meditation Ohr
Conrad Schnitzler Zug Zug M=Minimal
Kluster Part II Zwei Osterei Schwann
Conrad Schnitzler Slow Motion 01 Slow Motion Sagittarius A-Star

08/14/11 - Only 6 Shopping Days 'Til My Birthday

Bark Psychosis From What Is Said To When It's Read CODENAME:dustsucker Fire UK
Jim O'Rourke*
Are You Both Still Unreleased? Unreleased Rune Grammofon
Michel Waisvisz* Rupture (Part 3) Anthology of Dutch Electronic Music (1999-2010) Basta
Leyland Kirby Stay Light, There Is A Rainbow A Coming Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was HAFTW
Glacis* We Walk Long Distances Through Silent Sleep (Fieldhead Remix) Lost Again On Waking Fluid Audio
Gastr del Sol 01 The Japanese Room at La Pagode Table of the Elements CU (Copper) Table of the Elements
Cyclo* Track 01 id Raster-Noton
Teresa Rampazzi Metamorfosi Musica Endoscopica LP Die Schachtel
Roger Powell Sands of Arrakis Air Pocket Bearsville
Grails I Led Three Lives Deep Politics Temporary Habitations
George Lewis* Les Exercices Spirituels (2010) 3. Solos Les Exercices Spirituels Tzadik
Roderik De Man* Marionette Anthology of Dutch Electronic Music (1999-2010) Basta
Ryoji Ikeda/
Carston Nicolai
C8 Cyclo Raster-Noton

08/21/11 - anniversary

bell monks let the waves carry us (part I & 2) 05/11 may download download
Ian Hawgood*
Nothing You Want Will Ever Come True The Truth Hurts Nomadic Kids Republic
Brad Garton* nor unreleased download
Bruce Gilbert* Ingress Monad Touch
On Something That Has Form And Something That Does Not Something That Has Form And Something That Does Not Type
Zombi Night Rhythms Surface To Air Relapse
Solyst* Optimyst Solyst Bureau B
Nicholas Szczepanik* Blue Ante Algo Azul Subscribe
Fennesz 01 June June (Fermium) Table of the Elements
Collections Of Colonies Of Bees* Vorms Giving Hometapes
Hecker* Octave Chronics Speculative Solution Editions Mego

08/29/11 - and a good night to all

Carter Burwell Mighty Good Road The Generals Daughter Milan
HAT Arizona Analyzer Dsp Holiday RI
Africa Hitech Our Luv 93 Million Miles Warp
Fovea Hex Falling Things (Where Does A Girl Begin?) Here Is Where We Used To Sing Janet
Paul Muller* Super Moon Rising Dark Sunset download
Prurient* Sugar Cane Chapel Bermuda Drain Hydra Head
He Can Jog Chorale Mix Autistici Reworked: Resonating Wires Audiobulb
Demdike Stare Library of Solomon book 2 Triptych pt.2: Liberation Through Hearing Modern Love
Franca Saachi* Ainsi fut le commencement, il n'y aura pas de fin En Die Schachtel
Daphne Oram Brociliande Oramics Paradigm Discs
Moby Rockets Destroyed Mute
Oneohtrix Point Never Fourier Ocean Scenes The Wire - Below The Radar Vol 3 The Wire
Lawrence English Commentary/ Allay/ Figure's Lone Static/ Oamura Kiri No Oto Touch