RTQE is a Sunday evening program of electronic/classical/ethnic/improvised /experimental work hosted by Gregory Taylor which has aired since 1987 on Sunday from 9:00-11:00 PM on WORT-FM 89.9, Madison WI.

Click here to listen to 3 weeks' worth of archived RTQE programs at a time more convenient to you. RTQE is also available as a live streaming webcast in either high bandwidth (96 kbs) or low bandwidth (32 kbs) streams during the broadcast.

Recent releases are indicated with an asterisk (*).

12/04/11 - 10 of 20 of the Top 10 for 2011, part 1

Bon Iver Beth/Rest
Bon Iver Jagjaguwar
Ricardo Villalobos Rekondakion
Re: Ecm [Disc 2] 9/21/11 8:41 AM
Saul Stokes Electric_Moment-With_Variant_Impact
Pocket Universe
Sleek Nucleus 5/10/11 11:47 AM
Radiohead Bloom [Mark Pritchard RMX] TKOL RMX 1234567 [Disc 1] TBD
Radiohead Codex The King Of Limbs TBD
Hessien Flightless And Nocturnal Kanshin Fluid Audio/Hibernate
Scissors and Sellotape Heal Kanshin Fluid Audio/Hibernate
Field Rotation A Pondering Silence Kanshin Fluid Audio/Hibernate
Franca Saachi Quando mi hanno ucciso, se cosi posso dire, e quindi rinasco En Die Schachtel
Brian Eno Fierce Aisles Of Light
Drums Between The Bells Warp
Brian Eno In The Future Panic Of Looking Warp
Todd Reynolds Fast Pasture
TaskForce: Farmlab
Outerborough Innova
King Crimson Starless And Bible Black Starless And Bible Black - 40th Anniversary Series DGM
Chris Watson La Anunciante
El Tren Fantasma Touch

12/04/11 - 10 of 20 of the Top 10 for 2011, part 2

The Beach Boys Surf's Up
Good Vibrations
The SMiLE Sessions Capitol
Ian Hawgood
Nothing You Want Will Ever Come True The Truth Hurts Nomadic Kids Republic
Tony Levin/
David Torn/
Alan White
Monkey Mind
Levin Torn White Papa Bear
Dome* Rolling Upon My Day
Dome 1-4+5 Editions Mego
Greg Kelley/
Olivia Block*
Pinholed and perpetual light, part 1 Resolution Erstwhile
Elbow Lippy Kids
Open Arms
Build A Rocket Boys! Virgin
Julia Holter Goddess Eyes
Tragedy Finale
Tragedy Leaving
Johann Johannsson Industrial And Provident, We Unite To Assist Each Other
The Cause of Labour Is The Hope Of The World
The Miners' Hymns Fat Cat
Jim O'Rourke Pedal&Pedal (excerpt) Old News #5 LP 12/4/11 3:05 PM
Autechre Krib
Basscadet (Tazmx)
EPs 1991 - 2002 Warp

12/18/11 - resting to listen, listening to rest

Gescom Puzl Sounds Of The Machines Our Parents Used Skam
Robert Rich* Macula
Medicine Box Soundscape
Dome* To Speak 1+4-5 Editions Mego
Grouper She Loves Me That Way
Vapor Trails
AIA: Alien Observer grouper
Tatsuya Nakatani/
Kaoru Watanabe
Michiyuki Michiyuki Kobo
Nils Frahm* For
Juno Erased Tapes
Siniaalto Suuri Jarvi Maan Alla Sinaalto UT3

12/25/11 - Watching Those Flocks

Gavin Bryars My First Homage Hommages LTM
flumina Editions Mego
Marconi Union Blue Collar Parade
A Shower Of Sparks
Losing The Light
Beautifully Falling Apart PID
Penguin Cafe Orchestra Vega Union Café Indie Europe
Hummingbird The Little Green Box (Landscape)
Blood on the Dancefloor (Berlin Disco)
Uncertainty in Copenhagen
Our Fearful Symmetry Remixes Fluid Audio
Trent Reznor/
Atticus Ross*
Under The Midnight Sun
With The Flies
Parallel Timeline With Alternate Outcome
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Null Corporation