Here are 15 of the top 10 releases from 2012.

The usual rubric still obtains - these are 15 of the top 10. Ten is too few, and the margin for error is lessened a little bit by expanding things, I hope. They're in alphabetical order so as to avoid any other kind of ranking. Likewise, I would eschew the potential hubris of trying to claim any kind of critical acumen here - as ever, these are recordings that I've returned to again and again as a listener, and recordings that I feel reward repeated listening.

When I first sat down to make my usual list of things I've been listening and enjoying my way through, I was a little taken aback to notice just how many of my initial listings were reissues [the exquisite vinyl represses/reissues of Biosphere's "Substrata," and William Basinski's "Disintegration Loops"] or box sets/collections [the complete reissue of all studio recordings by Roxy Music and The Books, Andras Schiff's new recording of "The Well-Tempered Clavier" and Stephen Wilson's work on "Larks' Tongues in Aspic."

As I hope this list suggests, while those exquisite slices of the recontextualized past did, indeed, camp out on my audio system and exert a modest amount of dominance on RTQE, they weren't alone. Here are some more.

happy holidays to you all. I wish you peace.

Wil Bolton Under A Name That Hides Her Hibernate
Can The Lost Tapes Mute
Peter Cusack Sounds From Dangerous Places ReR Megacorp
Brian Eno Lux Warp
Elephant9 with Reiner Fiske Atlantis Rune Grammofon
En Already Gone Students of Decay
Eyvind Kang The Narrow Garden Ipecac
Jason Lescalleet Songs About Nothing Erstwhile
Marconi Union Weightless Just Music
Polica Give You The Ghost Really Gross National Product
Terry Riley Aleph Tzadik
Shackelton The Drawbar Organ EPs Woe To The Septic Heart!
Richard Skelton Verses of Birds Corbel Stone Press
Laurie Spiegel The Expanding Universe Unseen Worlds
Stian Westerhus The Matriarch and The Wrong Kind of Flowers Rune Grammofon