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Accept advice
Ask people to work against their better judgement
Ask your body
Be dirty
Breathe more deeply
Cut a vital connection
Decorate, decorate
Discard an axiom
Do nothing for as long as possible
Do something boring
Do the words need changing?
Don't break the silence
Don't stress one thing more than another
Emphasise differences
Emphasise the flaws
Give the game away
Give way to your worst impulse
How would you have done it?
Is it finished?
Just carry on
Listen to the quiet voice
Look at the order in which you do things
Only one element of each kind
Repetition is a form of change
Simple subtraction
Take a break
The inconsistency principle
Tidy up
Turn it upside down
Use 'unqualified' people
Use an old idea
Use filters
What mistakes did you make last time?
What would your closest friend do?
What wouldn't you do?
Work at a different speed
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