Edition 1 - 1975 Edition 2 - 1978 Edition 3 - 1979 Edition 4 - 1996 Edition 5 - 2001
Balance the consistency principle with the inconsistency principle 
Change instrument roles 
Cluster analysis 
Consider different fading systems 
Consult other sources -promising -unpromising 
Emphasise repetitions 
Fill every beat with something 
Ghost echoes 
Go slowly all the way round the outside 
Infinitesimal gradations 
Into the impossible 
Mechanicalise something idiosyncratic 
Mute and continue 
(Organic) machinery 
The tape is now the music 
Think of the radio 
Use fewer notes 
What is the reality of the situation? 
You can only make one dot at a time 
To the Stratigraphic Record

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