The Fifth, Again Slightly Revised Edition of the Oblique Strategies is now available. Here's all the information you may want, presented in reader-friendly questions & answers style.

How much does a deck of the cards cost?

£30 (Thirty UK Pounds) for UK and Europe, and $45 (Forty-five US Dollars) for USA and the rest of the world. These prices include postage and packing.

How can I pay?

By cheque or check. Please make it payable to Opal Ltd and send it to this address: Oblique Strategies Offer, PO Box 31500, London W11 3FB, Great Britain. Please allow 28 days for delivery. Alternatively, you can pay by Postal Order provided it is in UK pounds sterling or US dollars. Please note: Opal regrets that it cannot accept credit card payments or International Money Orders, but fret not, just move on to the next question.

Do you know of anywhere else that supplies the Oblique Strategies?

Why yes. Rough Trade sells them, and they have on-line credit card ordering with delivery anywhere in the world. Just search for "Eno" or something similar in their database. Some other places in London have them over the Xmas 2001 / New Year 2002 season, and there are links on EnoWeb's news page to those places so I don't have to update this particular page too often.

Will you make ordering from Opal easy for me?

Yes, here's a nice form to print out, courtesy of Tom Boon, Laird of the EnoWeb site.

How are the cards presented?

They are boxed. And shrinkwrapped.

How many decks are there in the Fifth Edition?

This time there are plenty to go round. The current print run is 1,000 decks and more will be printed according to demand.

Are any of the decks signed?

Yup, 50 have been signed by Brian. These have been randomly distributed among the rest of the decks, and as they're shrinkwrapped, nobody will know if their deck is signed or not until they open it.

Wow. I expected to have to pony up a squillion dollars on eBay. What can I do with all that leftover money?

Well, you could buy some nice Eno installation CDs that you might or might not have heard of....

Since the EnoWeb is hosted by Hyperreal's .org server, Tom Boon (that exemplar of virtue) has striven to avoid the faintest whiff of providing commercial information on a not-for-profit server by relocating the order info page. Since I wanted to act quickly on the Oblique Strategies site, I've mirrored his Eno annexe page, with only the slightest of revisions. Thank you, Tom. And - for those of you who don't already know this, the EnoWeb site is wonderful.