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The following sites contain information for the edification and amusement of Enophiles of all sorts. This list is neither canonical, nor is it exhaustive; I leave that to those more worthy than myself. I have perused every site listed here, and turn to them for my own enlightenment (such as it may be). I imagine that no small number of you will have arrived here from one of these links.

The estimable Malcolm Humes (and now his faithful sidekick Tom Boon) have constructed the Eno Web - a thing of beauty which contains a truly stupefying amount of Eno-related material. In fact, the earlier version of the Oblique Strategies material you see here was lovingly webbed and curated by Malcolm (and now Tom).

Alex Rubli also tends another tangle of information closely linked with the Brian Eno mailing list Nerve Net - This sight contains lots Eno-related stuff from the Eno mailing list and archives you can root about in to your heart's content. Alex is also intimately involved with the limited edition CD-ROM BEEP (Brian Eno Electronic Portfolio). It is a labor of love I commend to your attention.

I originally found her by virtue of some kind and funny email she sent me, but to characterize Sister Alizarine as merely an Enophile would be to do her a disservice. In addition to a decidedly idiosyncratic source of things Enossic, she remains an interesting example of the cyberpresentation of the self in everyday life. I am a boring old dotard in comparison to her self and her site.

Of course, each of these sites themselves are composed of a number of links to other Eno sites - so there's plenty more to do and see beyond my little patch of garden.

On the side of different sorts of experience and engagement than web-surfing, I would suggest that you seriously consider putting in some time with Eno's recently published diary A Year with Swollen Appendices. You can find a brief review of the book by Stewart Brand on the Global Business Network "book club" area, which even contains a link to Amazon.com where you can buy it (As a personal matter, I always think that it's a good idea to patronize your local bookseller whenever possible; I value those personal and more local relationships. However, I've found Amazon.com to be an excellent source for books) if need be.

Recently, Eno has been using some very interesting software called Koan from SSEYO Ltd to produce his generative music. He has, in fact, produced the equivalent of a "generative" album Generative Music 1. which you can purchase from them. I think that it's genuinely intriguing stuff, and has the happy side effect of rather rapidly giving anyone who works with the program a feel for just how difficult it really is to manage the architectures of time. I only wish they'd do a Mac-native version of the stuff.

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