Sample Edition 4 Cards

Here are a number of samples of Oblique Strategies from the fourth edition deck. They were selected for inclusion here by random drawing. The cards shown here are only a tiny subset of the 100 Strategies which comprise the fourth edition, but they ought to provide a sense of how designer Pae White worked with the multilingual materials.

Note: The two sample pages for Edition 4 card examples will take a while to load, but I hope you'll find it worth the wait. This page loads the example views of each card, and is linked to another page which contains full-size version. If you load the first page completely and then pick a card for full-size viewing and then let that page sit in your cache, you ought to be able to bounce back and forth between them to your heart's content. This is the only page at this site that'll encourage your instincts for deferred gratification.

Click on the front or back of each sample card to see a full-size image

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