The Paleontology Exhibit Area

Welcome to the "ancient history" portion of our exhibit, wherein we display objects from the dawn of...

...scratch that. These are a number of examples of the kind of work I started out doing back in the days of "cassette culture" in the 1980s. They're direct transfers from the original cassette releases on my own little Art Level label, courtesy of Robert Carlberg, to whom I owe a debt of gratitude, not least for reminding me of who I used to be. I'm including a pair of pieces from each of my five releases, and hope you find them instructive, or at least entertaining. Please note and enjoy the yummy pre-digital tape hiss effect.

Given Names (1983)

The Logic of Possible Worlds (1984)
Palapa (the Bitter Fruit)
Anaphora in Discourse

Interregnum (1986)
The Critic in Winter (for Orishima)
Bearing It Away

Virtual Terrain (1987)
30 degrees North or 60 degrees South
Coup d'Essai (Kudasai)

What the Thunder Wrote (1989)
Mr. P. and the Phantom Freight
Paths from Tree to Tree

And for a final treat for the archaeologically inclined, four early recordings from the USENET cassette projects (several of which I organized and curated) in the 1980s are online here.

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