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I'm playing in a "two laptops and a mandolin" ensemble with Brad Garton and Terry Pender. In addition to the dulcet tones resting comfortably on our first CD Temporary Habitations, this page contains lots of links to material you can listen to for free. Other things can be found on my pal Brad's version of this page here.

Blind Dates in the Alentejo

We were really honored to be invited back to Portugal to participate in the festival
Escrita na Paisagem. This time out, we got do something really interesting - what our host Jose Alberto Ferreira called a "blind date" - essentially, we showed up at the two venues (the town of Montemor-o-Novo and the Evora city museum), where we met a pair of Portuguese musicians for the very first time. In bot cases, we did a short trio performance, each of our newfound friends joined us for a piece, and then we all played together. It was a fantastic experience, and this is one of those times when I'm sorry you can't feel the warmth of the sun, the evening breezes, the sound of the churchbells, and see us all grinning like fools because we can't believe we can have this much fun. You can find the audio-only results here, and some pictures of the trip in general here, courtesy of the family Garton.

The Roosevelt Arts Project '09 - Big Band Edition

This year, the annual
Roosevelt Arts Project involved a tour of houses and various installations and performances. My pal Darwin Grosse was coming out to do some recording with us, and Princetonian Hardanger fiddle solon Dan Trueman came over to play. And play and play. A few great hours sitting out in Brad Garton's magnificent back yard. This link will take you where you need to go - pictures, posters, newspaper coverate, and everthang. You can also find some pictures of the whole event (thanks to Art Kaye) right here.

Spark 09

The annual Spark Festival is one of the highlights of my year - a chance to gather (despite the weather) in Minneapolis and spend days and nights listening to all kinds of wonderful music, and being lucky enough sometimes to be one of the outfits making that music. Brad and Terry and I had a great time this year (and let's just take a second to say nice things about the Raspberry Milk Stout at the Town Hall Brewery while the memory is still fresh), turning in one of the ambient festival sets at the Bedlam Theatre. Here's what we were up to:

PGT Live at the Spark Festival 09

GT (PGT sans P) at Purdue

An old friend of Brad Garton's (they used to run a recording studio in the late 70s) invited us out to play on his new "Ministry of Funny Noises" artist series at Purdue Unversity. This time, Terry was unable to come, so it was a duo outing. Brad and Terry have done this numerous times before in various places (
check out the PG links), but this was my first time as a duo with Brad. Although I realized by Terry's absence how much I count on his presence, it went pretty well - Brad's friend Rick Thomas even joined us on acoustic guitar at the end. The link below contains a complete set of recordings and some photos, too.

Brad and Greg at Purdue (with special guest)

PGT discovers the joys of the Alentejo

Brad's old friend Amilcar Vasques-Dias invited him to come over to do some music and workshoppery as a part of the
8th Encontro do Alentejo de Musica do Seculo XX.I Festival, but by the time the dust cleared, it was a full-blown PGT outing to the magnificent Alentejo region of Portugal. In addition to an amazing gig at a great festival, we also managed to do some recording with Amilcar, enjoy the fantastic cuisine of the region, and visit some amazing Neolithic sites. If you're at all curious about how things looked rather than how they sounded, I've put some photographs up here. The link below contains a complete set of recordings and some photos, too.

A Sojourn in Portugal

PGT enjoys the Minnesota Winter

Anyone who goes to the
Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Art is just dying to go back and have as much fun again, and we are no exception. We did it a little differently, this year - we transformed ourselves into a sort of lounge band for the official Spark Party, turning in what is the longest continuous performance of our career - 72 or so minutes. That such a feat was undertaken by our pal Terry with a pair of cracked ribs is a testimony to his stamina and dedication. He is a true road warrior. Our usual "let's go back to the hotel and play and record" also yielded some fun (but more about that at a later date), too.

Live at the Spark Festival adventure in las Floridas....

When it all started, I was going to go down to see
Nathan Wolek at Stetson University, rant at the students, and do a little solo work. Happily, this morphed into a wonderful PGT outing: distributed ranting, really nice students, a great hall, and a generous audience. Here's an audio diary page with some pictures of us near Spanish Moss:

A Visit to Stetson University


We were really honored to perform as a part of the Cycling '74 AES evening at the world-famous
Lemurplex in Brooklyn, and particularly happy that our pal Luke Dubois was able to add his visualist mojo to the proceedings. And, as if that weren't enough, our buddy Darwin Grosse brought his Wii-based MSP step sequencer instrument and sat in for the evening. I'll be updating it later, but here's a nice page of rough mixes for the evening:

Lemurplex 071006

PGT live on WORT-FM

It's well-known that the only music I don't play on my radio program
RTQE is my own. For nearly the first time in twenty-odd years, I've broken that rule, and done so in what I hope is considerable style. Rather than playing my own recordings, the visit of Messrs. Garton and Pender to Madison for the purposes of a performance at Mother Fools' (one of my favorite local venues) provided the occasion for a live on-air in-studio performance during the course of the evening's radio program on September 23rd, interspersed with short chats with the boys about their own work as composers. Here's a record of the evening's performances:




Brad turns 50, we visit the Roosevelt Arts Project

Brad Garton's 50th birthday neatly lined up with his hosting an evening of the Roosevelt Arts Project in the Borough Hall of the amazing community he lives in, Roosevelt, New Jersey. We did two pieces for the evening's program - here's the first of those two performances - 21 minutes informed by the pleasure of being among friends.

Roosevelt Arts Project 070415

Shooting out Sparks, 2007

For the 2007 Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Art, we grew to a quartet with the addition of our pal Luke Dubois as our visualist (that's him holding the camera on the right in the picture at the top of the page). While we can't bring you a visual record, here's an MP3 copy of our two-part set.

trio live 070221, part 1

trio live 070221, part 2

You can also find a live set recorded at Columbia University in July, 2006 here.