Some Live Solo Sets

My live solo performances tend to be long and slow, and I have a strong bias toward releasing whole performances - complete and unadulterated live sets. Both Voiceband Jilt and the more recent solo release on Palace of Lights Amalgam: Aluminum / Hydrogen are examples of that ethic in action. But they're kind of long.

A little shortwave and a whole lot of Max/MSP....


But who says that I can't do anything that takes less than an hour to traverse? Here is a two-minute scratchpad example of using LFO banks for generative purposes I ran off for a tutorial I was writing for the Cycling '74 website.

As a part of one of the periodic Vortex get-togethers at Mother Fools' (one of the nicest places to perform in Madison), I dashed off a brief and lighthearted homage to a recording that remains on of my guilty pleasures. Precisely how reverent this brief solo performance may be is left as an exercise to the listener.

There are a half-dozen excerpts from longer live performances in various places available as a part of the FLOOD series from Palace of Lights here.

Also, here are some recent live sets that are of a more modest length, which I hope you'll enjoy.

My time at the annual Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Art was a bit more exciting than I anticipated. Owing to some circumstances well beyond anyone's control (including that um... blizzard), my collaborators Tom Hamer and Mark Henrickson were unable to make it to Minneapolis, which meant that what began its life as a trio performance turned instead into a solo set constructed with only a subset of my usual materials. I was very fortunate that Luke Dubois was willing to sit in with me and provide some stunning visuals (which are, sadly, not contained in this recording).


Here's a live recording from a performance at Tulane University (who hosted the International Computer Music Association's annual festival/conference in grand style) in November of 2006.


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