w/Tom Hamer

I've enjoyed a number of years of fruitful collaboration (to say nothing of a lot of enjoyment) with my percussionist pal Tom Hamer. If our first release together there(after) wasn't enough for you, here's some more:

Along with our pal Mark Hendrickson, Tom and I were overjoyed to be returning to perform at the 2009 Spark Festival, one of our favorite places. My only regret is that the following excerpts from our ecologically friendly set requires you to imagine the marvellous things that Mark conjured on the screen behind us.


I was listening to some past live recordings on random shuffle while working, and this little piece of our September 2008 performance at Mother Fools' (great place that supports new and unusual musics, good coffee, nice audiences) just appeared out of nowhere. While I can be a pill, you can never have too much of Mr. Hamer's flexible strategies with things that can be struck....

it gathers itself

Here's another pair of excerpts from that same live outing

glazing streaks
before we pause

Here are some more MP3s of us in performance at various past outings:

a short one

w/Tom Hamer and Mark Henrickson

With the addition of visualist Mark Henricksen, we became a trio.

A video sample from the Spark Festival
An audio-only excerpt

We had a band reunion at the 2008 Spark festival, and it was great. You'll be hearing and maybe seeing some of that at a future point.