Upcoming releases

A new solo recording dua_belas is on the way (almost certainly from Palace of Lights), there's a new live PGT recording in the pipeline, and some other things in the wings. In the meantime....

Some recent releases

PGT's first CD release, "Temporary Habitations," is now available. Three extended performances that inform and complement an already extensive catalog of online live performances.

A solo release of a pair of systems pieces is now available from Stasisfield, an online label whose work I really respect. I'm honored to be associated with them.

My duo release with trumpeter extraordinaire Jeff Kaiser (in our guise as The Desert Fathers) Coptic Icons is available on the pfMENTUM label. You can find out more about it and listen to a sample by clicking here.

My solo release Amalgam: Aluminum / Hydrogen is available on the Palace of Lights label. You can find out more about it and listen to a sample by clicking here.

Amalgam Edits / Gamma Details is a selection of excerpts from a half-dozen live performances recorded at various locations over the last three years. It was released in January, 2007 on Flood, Palace of Lights' online label.

My solo release on c74 recordings, Voiceband Jilt, is available through various outlets - direct from c74, CDBaby, electroCD, among others.

My friend Brad Garton has also done me the favor of creating several "response" pieces that recombine and remix material from my solo career in ways that surpass and improve considerably upon their origin.


His music page is a treasure trove of great material that demonstrates his talents when unencumbered by my stuff as raw material.

I've released a CD in collaboration with my percussionist pal Tom Hamer called there(after).

I make an appearance [under the nom de spin DJ 4'33"] on Kim Cascone's c74 release with Dust Theories.

I was honored that Scott FIelds would ask me to contribute a remix cut to The Scott Fields Ensemble recording From the Diary of Dog Drexel, and I's still quite happy to claim it.

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