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NEWS: PGT gone on a couple of "blind dates" in Portugal!, .

Recent news (might be new news to you): Darwin Grosse, Dan Trueman, and PGT out in the woods, Tom Hamer and I at Spark 2009, PGT at Spark 2009, a solo outing you haven't heard before, a Hamer fragment, PGT minus one, and PGT in Portugal, .

Although I rarely blow my own horn very much, I make music in addition to programming it on the radio and occasionally writing about it. I have, arguably, been doing that for longer than I have been doing any of those other things. With the a very few exceptions (the appearance online of the USENET cassettes I curated and released a very long time ago being the one exception) there's not much of a web record of what I've been up to - my cassette culture days as an artist and critic predate the arrival of the web by several years, and I took a hiatus from performing for quite a while.

With remarkably few exceptions over the course of the 20 or so years that RTQE has been on the air, I haven't played my own music on my radio program. I hate to sound excessively midwestern about it, but it just feels somehow unfair to use my radio program about the breadth of what's out there musically to beat my own little careerist drum. In the course of the last couple of years, I've been lucky enough to work with other musicians whose company and work I enjoy, and if I have any doubts about remaining silent, it's been that I haven't played some wonderful things of theirs simply because I am lurking in the background somewhere.

Returning to live performance and the release of recordings has been enjoyable, especially since critics in places like (amb). EARlabs, e/i, No Eyed Bird, Sea of Tranquility, Stars' End, Textura, and Vital Weekly seen to be generally well disposed toward what I've been doing, which is always nice. Along those lines, this page is something of an attempt to deal with those situations. It contains some MP3 files you should feel free to download (and enjoy, if at all possible), pointers to my friends' work, and so on. Unless otherwise noted, this stuff is all copyrighted by me [BMI], etc.